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Spokey Felo Replacable Ice/Roller Skates 83222

Spokey Felo Replacable Ice/Roller Skates 83222


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* Pakkumine kehtib kuni 31.10.2020.

Adjustable ice skates are equipped with the interchangeable inline chassis, which enables to switch them into regular inline skates at the end of the winter season.

Stainless steel – pre-sharpened stainless steel blade secures against adverse weather conditions.

Removable blade – makes it possible to change your skates into inline roller skates and thus to enjoy your skates all year round.

ABEC 5 – scale defining the precision, with which the bearings have been made, which determines the smoothness of the rolling and reached speed.

Polipropylene skid – absorbes part of the vibrations resulting from driving on a rough surface.

Poliurethan wheels – thanks to their elsticity, resistance to rubbing off and distinct hardness, allow enjoying the ride on different surfaces.

Quick fastening – two-section buckles for easy and quick boot fastening/unfastening.


  • Replaceable stainless steel figure/hockey blade
  • Replaceable in-line skate runner
  • Chassis: PP
  • Bearings: ABEC5 Carbon
  • Wheels:
  • PU 82A wheels: 64mm - size: 30-37
  • PU 82A wheels: 70mm - size: 38-41
  • B class
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